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We've really savored the beginning of fall this year. After our visit to Audrey's Farmhouse in Gardinier where we hiked in Minnewaska State Park with Huxley, Kev and I really wanted to get in more hiking before the cold sets in. This weekend, we went up with Ryan and Carmen to hike the Bonticou Crag trail (approx 6 miles on various trails) in the Mohonk Preserve near New Paltz.

It was a beautiful sunny fall day and the hike filled our whole morning with gorgeous views. We used the detailed instructions from this site, which took us up a rock scramble, into a dwarf evergreen wood, across several sunny meadows, and out onto the Table Rocks which were just huge inclined rocks with dark and dangerous chasms between them. 

We may be able to fit in one more hike before winter.

A few other life lately updates:

Mimi - This tiny jewel box in the West Village first came onto our radar around late summer I believe. This place slowly built up critical acclaim and Kev and I put it on the list in a vague way. Kev heard that the 26 year old head chef is leaving soon for Spain, so we decided to go there at 6 on the dot on Friday night since Hux was already with Kev's parents for a sleepover. We sat at the bar and watched the place fill up quickly. The cocktail list was small but classic and well made. The hand written menu featured a lot of seafood and we shared several smaller plates and appetizers so we could try more, forgoing an entree. It was a wonderful and easy date night, as long as you make reservations or, like we did, arrive right before 6pm.

Knitting - I've been knitting my little heart out recently as in mid October, the owner of a local small business selling baby clothing reached out to me regarding wholesale baby hats from my Etsy shop. Working on my first big order was really excited and stressful at the same time (good stress) as the yarn I needed didn't arrive until Oct 20th when my knitting deadline was the end of October.

Well I got the hats to the shop, and am currently working on a second order!

Wedding planning - In the past few days I've started to go into planning mode. A couple of weeks ago, I asked Cat to officiate our ceremony. I'm so thrilled that she said yes and it kind of kicked off a bunch of other wedding-related productivity. I've ordered my outfit for the bridal shower, reached out to hair and makeup people, and contacted Mission Chinese Food in Chinatown regarding our rehearsal dinner. I happy to have more things in motion :)

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