Belated - Back from Europe!

We got back from Europe over a month ago and still the trip feels like it just ended.. 

Being away for two weeks was luxuriously and indulgently long. It was a fantastic life, city hopping with friends and never having to cook or clean. Even a bit too long toward the end, as we missed Huxley more and more and I grew increasingly anxious to get a bit of cactus I'd ripped off a doorstep in Dubrovnik rooted in soil.

Escaping from work, alarms, email, and all those other daily banalities made each day of our trip so full and exciting that the entire two weeks seemed much longer than their hours. We unplugged, looked up, and spoke to each other. We looked at paper maps. We sat through several takeoffs and landings and didn't pay attention to the date, only the time we were supposed to leave the room each morning to start our day. It was a swirly-whirly blur as expected we came back sun baked and physically worn. Success.

More belated Europe details to come. 

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