Euro trip update: 3 more ideas (part 2)

Packing is ON. In addition to my plan to bring several pieces of statement jewelry, there are three other things I'm utilizing in my preparations for this trip.

One: Post-its
Usually I start by writing out a grid of days x occasions and outfit plan to start my packing process. This time around, I'd really like to optimize garment versatility when I plan my outfits and therefore I think I really need to lay out a few pieces and write down all the ways I can mix and match. 

This means the actual act of putting things into a suitcase won't happen for some time, and that gives me slight anxiety. To quell this, I've taken big post-it notes and made lists by category to make sure we're covered when the time comes. I've been sticking them on a wall in the dining nook and adding categories. Ahhhhh lists. I already feel better.

Two: Hair help
My thick mane of hair, lucky as I am to have it, does not respond well to hard water. It gets to the point where crunchy is the only appropriate adjective and I cannot run my fingers through it without pulling several strands out and feeling gross residue. You never know what you're going to get in terms of a destination's waterworks, so I'm going to have to bring bobby pins, elastics, and clips. I'll put those reins on if my hair gets too unruly.

Three: Small beauties
I have a bunch of trial sized and travel sized toiletries and beauty products in our linen closet and I plan to throw them all on a table and pick out a bunch to bring with me. I always go back and forth between packing my stand-by products and packing items I don't typically use to push myself out of my comfort zone. This trip, I'm going with a mix of new new new skincare and lotions and super-staples for my makeup.

Edit Oct 10th

Back from the Eurotrip (and two other smaller ones since)! The thing that made the most difference for me on this trip was the Fresh Rose Face Mask, pictured below, deluxe sample that my sister gave me to try. It was an amazing and easy luxury for my skin and combatted the drying effects of the hard water I encountered in most of the cities we visited. Alas, there was no helping my hair. 

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