Euro trip update: Gotta pack! (Part 1)

Our euro-trip is coming up so soon and my packing-induced stress is rising steadily as the days go by.  13 days! 4 cities! 20 degree range of average temperatures! This, my friends, is a challenge.

A few strategies are swirling around in my head as I thinking about starting to prepare for drafts of plans for packing lists ;)

First, I recently took in a nice haul from a J.Crew sale inventory update. J.Crew sale section updates most early mornings, and I happened to notice one day that there were more jewelry sale items than usual. I ended up ordering 5 pairs of earrings and while some will be going back (a bit too blingy for my life) it did give me a good idea for this trip: accessories. Duh. If I pack mostly neutrals and basics, I'll be able to swap out, let's say, big earrings to achieve different looks.

Bauble Bar

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