Philadelphia Weekend

I finally have a new computer after my previous one conked out from old age.. Wahoo! It's great to be able to actually load pages and have something of a battery life. Plus, this Macbook Air is light and super portable, so I'll be able to work anywhere I please in the apartment or on the go. 

Speaking of on the go, I was in Philadelphia this weekend visiting Lily (who's there for the summer) just as the Democratic National Convention wrapped up and left town. I caught a very easy 2 hour bus ride on the Bolt Bus, Leigh drove over, and we all met up on Friday night for a late dinner before taking it easy with wine on Lily's rooftop, which featured bistro lights and a great view of the city at night.

The next day we did a lot of walking. It was hot and humid like every other recent day in the northeast and I'm proud of us for pushing through and seeing a lot of the city..

We started at Honey's Sit 'n Eat, a recommendation from the barista that Matt, Lily's husband, spoke to, as he was nice enough to pick up coffees for the girls as we rolled ourselves out of bed, lined up for the shower, and got ready for the day.

Street art abounds in Philly and it started with this little sign. There's plenty of installation and mural art in New York City, but the art in Philadelphia was really in your face. You see it in all of the painted electrical boxes on the sidewalks, giant metal ants crawling up the facade of a store, and even some politically charged crochet work. 

South Street was the strip that we walked along all morning and on it is the famous Magic Garden of mosaics and glass-work. We didn't enter the garden proper but mosaic artwork was draped all along several blocks on South Street. It was magical. I went a little crazy taking pictures of it. 

We had dinner at Serpico on South St., a place that Kev recommended. We were able to book an early 5:45pm reservation. Matt commented on the up-lighting, learned from his recent wedding planning days, and we read the menus handwritten on the chalkboard walls. Most impressive was the written wine list, long and so so neat. 

Two friends from University of Rochester joined at Serpico, one for a drink and one for the meal. It was a wonderful way to spend a rainy night with friends: delicious, not too sweet or boozy cocktails, great food, and amazing dessert. 

We went to the Reading Terminal Market right before dinner. It was full of stalls and allllmost overwhelming. I missed Kev a lot here because it's exactly the type of place we'd love to explore together. 

After overcoming a wave of laziness after dinner, we went out to a two-level bar, which is almost like going to two bars! Matt was long asleep so it was just the girls. #thisaintcollege

Of course we ended the day with a not-so-late night cheesesteak. 

I'll end this post with some more pictures of the Magic Garden :)

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