Long Weekend

Hello summer! Memorial day has come and gone with Lily's lovely wedding in Ipswich, MA. Kev and I are back from Lisbon and enjoying the many types of canned sardines and other seafood we brought back. The weather is warm, we have our herb bench, and Huxley has a warm weather haircut.

I took today off as Kev's fun-employment ends on Monday with his first day at the new job. We had a great dinner at Roberta's and watched Zootopia at home last night. This morning we slept in, had coffee, and headed into Manhattan to visit the new Whitney Museum. We had ourselves a nice day by the Highline and had some ice cream from Ample Hills before heading home to nap.

We're on the couch watching the Yankees game now while we wait for the pot to boil on a chicken soup for later.

can't wait to have this!
As we simmer and stew, here are a couple of recent pics from my phone that depict a bit of life lately.

Here's Huxley's new haircut. He is looking mighty cute. His paws are especially hilarious because his legs now look like straight columns of fur. Here he is being disruptive of my latest crochet project. In the first half of the year I made a burgundy and gray throw blanket (it was huge) in my spare time and sold it on Etsy shortly after finishing it. This gray blanket was started with the leftover yarn that wasn't needed for fringe on that other one. 

This picture is from last night at Roberta's. It was an especially summery menu: we had an appetizer of watermelon, avocado, black lime, and basil. We also had scallop crudo with a parmesan dressing, a pizza (Lamb of God) with lamb sausage, tomato, ricotta, chili, and some other stuff I can't remember. We finished the meal with a banana ice cream bar (super adventurous and trusting on Kev's banana-hating part) with pineapple sorbet. 

We love love love Roberta's. So much so that it was the first wedding venue we thought of, the first we visited, and for a long time tried to cut bits at a time from what we wanted for our day in order to fit into that space. It didn't work out, but that's all right. Our NYBG venue turned out to be the place of my dreams. 

That being said, some recent news about Roberta's have sent us into preliminary mourning for this, one of our favorite places in the world. Looks like a lot is about to change.

I've continued to learn and love pottery. The studio gets hot as heck and on days I plan to go I bring a change of shorts and a tee shirt. Above is a little hanging planter I made. I've started to move onto hand building things too.

This was today's late morning snack: Roberta's sourdough which we'd picked up yesterday and a can of Portuguese sardines in oil. This can came with pickled veggies in it too. A wonderful way to extend that wonderful trip (yes, pictures to come).

Open windows and this cute spud nose is how we'll be riding around this season. 

Finally, wedding planning. Oh wedding planning. I've had my eye on this collection for some time, awaiting its release. These stamps are vintage botanical prints from NYBG. I mean, THANK YOU USPS for this timing. Other progress: my bridal party is confirmed! I sent care packages to Morgan, Annie, and Renee with a bunch of goodies asking them and they all said yes! 

Next up, Save-the-Date writing. Kill me now ;)

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