Marble table mornings

Our marble table from CB2 is situated right next to our couch just off of our living area. We first bought it to increase our kitchen space (it's counter height) but moved it out of our dining nook when our round dining table arrived. We'd purchased a single stool from Anthropologie at first, then ordered a second after the move once we realized that it makes for a wonderful breakfast spot. It also makes for a good work station in addition to our floating desk in the foyer.

Kev and I have dinner here when we want to move out of the nook and watch baseball or a show. We've used this space to work laptop back to laptop back together. I've dominated the whole surface for weeks at a time with my sewing machine and random projects.

This little station in our apartment is well used and well loved. In fact, I'm sitting at it now.

here's our table

perfectly matching stools

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