Silk & Willow

The next thing on my list for wedding planning is florists. (Then bridal party yay!) I've started to speak with and meet with the florists that the NYBG works with as well as build my Pinterest board for inspiration. Before diving in, I really thought I lacked a clear idea of what I wanted. I was wary of setting appointments before having some idea of my style in case I was too heavily influenced by someone else's idea of what our day would look like. 

However, to my surprise, as I pinned I found that I do have a clear vision: whites and greens, pops of blush, peaches, maybe a touch of burgundy in bouquets that aren't dome shaped but more organic. 

Having had two meetings already, I'm really getting into this whole florist thing, and just in time, I happened upon the Silk and Willow Instagram page today. They specialize in silk ribbons, but looking through their feed I see that their style is MY style! See some pics below and soon I'll share some images from my board :) 

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