Travel Diary: Charleston, SC part 2


We began the day at Butcher & Bee, a breakfast spot very close to the hotel. It's at the end of a lot and we'd tried to go there for late night sandwiches the night before but contrary to the information we found online, it was closed.  (Sad because we ran in the rain over there! We ended up going to the corner bodega, happy to see one in SC, and getting beers and ramen like college kids.)

We went to Black Tap Coffee, where I had an truly great lavender latte. I think it might be the best latter I've ever had - perfect foam, perfect temperature, perfect to drink as served. We walked a bit around the college campus and saw the adorable houses that made up department offices and dean's offices.. how cozy it must be to sit in a repurposed home structure for work. 

We have Jeni's ice cream cookbook and often make our own ice creams and sorbets. We stopped in here even though it was rainy and cold out just to try some new flavors out and strangely sitting there while we had two scoops of ice cream was a soul warming thing. We had pistachio honey and sweet corn spoon bread. SO good. 

we visited this bodega a couple of times
We had an amazing dinner at The Ordinary, steps away from our hotel (Hyatt Place). We didn't have reservations but showed up at 5pm. Many of the restaurants in the area were closed for the Super Bowl and so the dining room ended up getting pretty crowded by the end of our meal. 

We watched some of the Super Bowl in our hotel room and then stopped by The Alley, a large bar/arcade/bowling alley that was broadcasting the game. It was something I found just scrolling through nearby geotags and was a fun find. We came back here the next day to play some pinball; it was where Kev formed the dream of one day owning a machine if we could just find the space for it. 


Monday was our last day in Charleston and we were dead set on going to Husk before we left. It had been closed for renovations since February 1st and Monday was the first day they were back open. Our flight was an evening one so it allowed us to go for lunch. I loved all of the food we'd had on this trip and Husk was a wonderful way to close our visit. 

After lunch we did a little more exploring, stopping by a home goods store I'd found online: The Commons, where we picked up two tall clay cups. It was super cool inside and we chatted up the owner a bit, learning that she travels often to NYC and actually had lived there before she moved south two years ago. The alley that her store is in is such a hidden gem and the storefront next door was my absolute dream... if I could open up my own store I'd love to be her neighbor. 

See you soon, Charleston! 


Butcher & Bee
654 King St.
Charleston, SC 29403

Black Tap Coffee
70.5 Beaufain St.
Charleston, SC 29401

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams
501 King St. 
Charleston, SC 29403

The Ordinary
544 King St.
Charleston, SC 29403

The Alley
131 Columbus St.
Charleston, SC 29403

76 Queen St.
Charleston, SC 29401

The Commons
54 Broad St.
Charleston, SC 29401

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