Kabocha squash two ways

I love fall, but I'm not that into squashes. 

This month's Martha Stewart was filled with pumpkin crafts and squash recipes. I wasn't interested. But in the effort to go through the produce we have on hand before our trip to Prague, I roasted a kabocha squash that my mom gave us a couple of weeks ago. 

It took just a few minutes to cut it into wedges and clean out the seeds with one of our grapefruit spoons. I prepped the wedges for roasting in two ways: coconut oil with cinnamon & a pinch a salt and olive oil with salt & pepper. 400 degree oven, 35 minutes. Turns out I am coming around on this particular variety. I especially liked the coconut cinnamon ones, and I loved how easy it was to make. 

I still don't like butternut squashes and I'm a bit baffled by spaghetti squashes, but maybe later this year I'll try an acorn squash or something. Maybe.

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