Things to do in September, part 2

Things done:

  • We've decided! We'll be getting married in Spring of 2017 at The Stone Mill at New York Botanical Garden. I'm so thrilled with the space and it is exactly what I had in mind.. out of the way with an outdoor element. The place has a handsome facade and a back patio that's a long crescent right next to the Bronx River. Now comes the fun part, as they say, where I get to plan the details. 
  • I succeeded in packing lunch most of the days in September. I probably have only bought lunch 3-4 times this month. While it wasn't the EVERY DAY goal I'd set for myself, I'm pretty happy with the result.
  • I embraced fall. I even purchased a pumpkin-cinnamon candle from CVS on Saturday and burned it all through the weekend. It was only $2.60 so the scent was... subtle, which is actually perfect because I didn't hear a single complaint about "smells" from Kev. 
  • The Etsy shop has even more new listings - baby booties and baby pompom hats. Knitting hats and topping them with pompoms is super fun for me and I love picking out single skeins of yarn from the HUGE collection at my mom's place and putting them to use. 

Things in store:

  • October! 

Things to do:

  • The month is almost over, but not quite yet! I plan to continue to clean out my fridge (and not grocery shop) in preparation for our trip. This will have the double benefit of lots of home cooked food to pack for lunch. 
  • Start gathering bits and bobs to pack for Prague.
  • Steam the work clothing piling up on my dresser and put them away!

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