Things to do in October

Things in store:

  • PRAGUE baby! And Heidelberg and Frankfurt. Deciding on this trip was so fun - we just thought a lot and.. picked a place. We looked at several combinations of destinations because we wanted to visit at least two places.. we thought about Marrakech and Seville, Cuzco and Lima, and landed at Prague. It'll be chilly there (60s as highs) but that's all right.. we'll be walking plenty and drinking plenty and if that doesn't keep us warm the mostly meat diet will. 
  • Halloween! 
  • Chilly days and nights.. oh they are coming. We are ready.
Things to do:
  • Decide on a costume for this year with Kev. We've gotten a little more into dressing up for the holiday in the past couple of years. I think there's something wonderful about being at a party and seeing a Super Mario character grinding up on on a super hero. It's absolutely absurd and fun and silly and that's what we can celebrate on this occasion. I loved the way my Frida Khalo costume turned out last year and if given the choice, I'd wear flower crowns every other weekend. Never too early to brainstorm. 
  • Decorate for fall. Pumpkins, gourds, a cornucopia.. whatever it may be I realized upon purchasing that little pumpkin candle that it's so easy to spend a couple of dollars for an inexpensive way to bring a little of the season into my home. 
  • In the beauty department - wear fall polishes, a smear of (darkish?) lipstick every so often, and take care of my skin. It's about to be dry skin season. 
  • Find a florist.. or at least look really seriously while deciding on the flora we'd like to have.
  • Use that dutch oven a whooooole lot. 
  • Furnish by one. We've been selective and careful with furnishing our place, always wary of clutter. But it doesn't quite feel done yet and we'd like to find something for the bedroom or the kitchen nook. 
  • Eat well. We've been talking about going back to Eleven Madison Park. Their New York menu now gone, the restaurant will be completely different. We'd see the third iteration of the place in as many visits and that's a pretty great reason to go. Also we saw the movie Somm and learned that one of the guys works there which is pretty cool. 

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