Weekday break

Kev took yesterday off to join me on my week of funemployment before I start my new job. We started the day with homemade banana bread, a visit to his parents' place to see their newly remodeled kitchen and dining room, and then went to lunch at Okonomi in Brooklyn.

Afterward we walked around Williamsburg. We both miss this neighborhood a lot since I moved away from Beadel St. and since we no longer have easy access to cars. It was sunny and a little crisp, and we had espressos at Toby's Estate with the smallest crowd I'd ever seen at the busy cafe. Madewell recently opened up a location two doors down so you can see where this neighborhood has been headed for some time. I don't mind it so much, gentrification. I think each generation faces a crisis of identity and none of us are unique in our fear of losing history, culture, and tradition to newness. I see this neighborhood retaining its funk and soul for some time longer and until then, am happy to see thriving small businesses next to places like Urban Outfitters.

We went to A&G Merch, where our couch is from, and took some joy in seeing the new couches and loving ours way more.

We stopped my Trader Joe's on the way home and speaking of small crowds, we entered my once imaginary happy place - a NOT crowded TJs! We spent $115 on four huge bags of groceries and I just love this place so much.

Around dinner time Kev was "hungry but not sure for what" which is something that I hear pretty often from him and really, it means he is hungry for something that isn't an option. In this case it was fresh pho from Flushing. I decided to make a charcuterie platter for us to share and think I sufficiently distracted him from his pho craving for now.

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