Sunday thoughts: Spring Greens

So ends my rest week between my old and new jobs. It has been so relaxing and filled with warm sunny, springy days. Maddie went home today to Kev's parents' house now that their kitchen renovations are done. We were so sad to see her go but she will be happy to have her buddy Kaiba and his parents around all the time. I'm really glad to have gotten to spend my week off hanging with Mads before she went home. Now we're just looking forward to her next sleep over.

We're also considering adopting a rescue dog. We'll start meeting them in the next few weeks, and hopefully there's a dog out there waiting to meet us.

While we still had Mads today we walked her over to the Forest Hills Green Market for some produce shopping. There were a few more vendors there this week. We picked up chives, eggs, pickles, and apricot juice. It's awesome to have a market like this in our neighborhood and we look forward to going back each week to see the fresh harvest.

Lots of green in my scenes lately, it's really spring!

Our clementine tree has been sprouting like crazy, and two white flowers bloomed today!

New Pickles from Divine Brine that we picked up at the market.

Matching the season and drinking a beer.

Miss these paws already. 

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