San Francisco

In June of 2013 I went to San Francisco with Kev and Dennis for a few days. Dennis was there for a work engagement and we just kind of tagged along. While the trip was fun, we all had a sense that we'd had a difficult time connecting to the city. Something felt off, and it was hard to explain what that feeling was. I kept thinking and asking "where is everyone?" though looking back on the pictures there were definitely people around. Maybe it was the shock of being on the opposite coast. I had a hard time processing my impression of the place after coming home, and only posted one photo from the trip here.

I've finally regained access to a library of pictures from recent years after a technical snag, and am looking forward to reliving the now fuzzy memories they contain. It's so nice to look through them that I've been reinvigorated to take more pictures.

I wanted to share some of the pics I took in SF over these next few days, which for all its unfamiliarity was undeniably beautiful.

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