Settling in

This week the temperature hit the 50s for the first time this year, and I am thrilled to begin a new season in my new neighborhood. We've been all over to shop for groceries but haven't really eaten out, gone to bars, or found a favorite cafe (not sure if there is one besides Starbucks here). Looking forward to all of that, plus more grocery shopping, in the months to come. 

Neighborhood favorites from this winter include:

Mr. Vino on 71st Ave. for its interesting selection of wine. It's a small space that packs a lot of options. 

Around the corner on Austin St. is Mr. Vino's Cucina, which sells meats and cheeses, an amazing selection of beer (including our new favorite brewery Grimm), and other pantry items. I absolutely love going there and have found the cured meats and by the pound cheeses to be very very reasonably priced. 

Farther down Austin St. toward Ascan Ave. there is another little wine shop with gnarly window plants and genial riddles on the walls. It feels like they've been around forever and the creaky wood floors in the back room give it a shabby charm that I love. They do a nice buy-6-get-1-free deal for the ambitious shopper or dinner host. 

Green Market on the corner of Austin and Ascan is a little out of the way for us but it truly is the best grocery store in the area for fresh meat, organic produce, and a large selection of pantry goods. They have a colorful prepared foods section that gets a lot of traffic so perhaps we'll try that out soon. The first time we went there the cashier cheerily offered us an orange to take home.

Flowers at Green Market
There's another supermarket on Queens Blvd. whose name I don't know but it was the place to go for Super Bowl preparations. It's big and bright and I heard tell of its wall of beer from Kev's impressed dad well before we ever shopped there ourselves. 

I wish I'd thought to take pictures of all of these places but there will be plenty of time for that! :) 

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