Beauty Resolutions

  • Maintain a high standard of skincare. I'm proud of the way I treat my skin, and plan to keep on keepin' on in the new year. Here is my list of essentials, culled over the past several years:
    • I use unscented oatmeal soap as my daily cleanser. Kev introduced me to it, not knowing it would turn out to be the most awesome beauty hack I didn't know I needed. It works as a facial and body cleanser. We get it for $2 at Whole Foods. 
    • This is followed by the ever popular Thayer's Rose Toner, which is hydrating, gentle, and has an amazing, light scent.
    • CeRave AM with SPF and PM lotions. Fast absorbing, thirst quenching, nongreasy. 
    • My non-daily staples are: 
      • Avocado oil to remove the rare stubborn eye makeup. I know a lot of people use sweet almond oil or coconut oil for the same purpose. Avocado oil is little richer than almond oil and is great for improving skin elasticity (perfect for the eye area). I also use it as an all over body oil after the shower and like to scrub a little into the ends of my hair; I find it enhances my wild-woman waves. 
      • Rosebud salve is my holy grail of lip balm, but I'll also use it for removing eye makeup when on vacation because it travels so well. 
      • Philosophy The Great Mystery One Minute Daily Facial. I don't know exactly what it does but I love it and it feels like a luxury. I apply it before getting in the shower and by the time I get the water to the right temperature and hop it, it's time to wash it off. Easy. 
  • Use makeup more consistently. By this I mean that I want to use up the makeup I own (part of my de-cluttering initiative) and the only way to do so is to not get lazy in the morning. It's crazy how getting a little too excited about purchasing a certain category of things leaves you dealing with accumulation many years later. (e.g. I have SO MANY SUITS.) I brought one pouch of products over to the new apartment and have been dipping into it every day. Why not. This resolution includes nail polish.
  • Throw out the very dark lipsticks. I never wear them, prefer nudes and reds, and if I'm being honest, they became a part of my collection only because I felt like I should have some wine tones. I don't like them, they don't like me. It was never meant to be.
  • Incorporate coconut oil. Kev's mom gave us a jar of coconut oil recently. People freaking LOVE it, and I'm looking forward to finding out why
  • Moisturize my hands (and feet). I've had old lady hands since I was five years old. In my tween years I was actually quite self-conscious about them. I mean really, my hands have so many lines it is baffling. I've gotten over it, but to this day my hands and feet are at best... neglected. No bueno, let's change that. 

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