Sunday thoughts

Settling in a little more each weekend. Living in a half furnished place requires it and it ain't so bad putting together small lists and completing them. 

We re-potted our lime tree, Liam, at last. We purchased the lumber and wood stain for our DIY desk project. We further stocked our pantry with the ingredients to start pickling like crazy (first up, cauliflower).

Dressing for home is a funny thing. I feel like sweatpants aren't a thing you buy, that you just have them, like pens and keyrings. I don't know. I'm finding that cozy and cute are a little bit challenging. More on this another day.

Making breakfast and coffee in the morning is such a luxury that no New Yorker has time for during the week. We've baked biscuits and made egg and cheese english muffins this weekend and they have made for delicious starts to our days along with the coffee out of our brand new copper french press. We're saving the single package of 1.90 euro coffee we brought back from our trip to Italy for sometime soon.

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