2015 first: less & less clutter

Happy 2015. I started the year with a spectacular hang over but spent it at Roberta's with Morg, Dan, and Kev who took my death-like pallor in stride and pardoned my utter inability to hold a brunch conversation. That's love and friendship, really, isn't it? 

I've done so much in 2014 and it all started with resolving to take care of myself. I learned to navigate my health insurance, found great doctors and a dentist, and it makes me feel great to know how to get care when I need it. Handling my shit in that regard led to many other smart choice, and they added up into one wonder year of growth. 

I turn 28 this year and expect that I'll learn a lot about what is necessary, what is valuable, and what is difficult now that Kev and I are living together in a one-bedroom apartment with limited storage space.

The challenge of pruning things is one I've been tackling my entire post-college life, when years' worth of mushrooming possessions (party dresses, heels, sorority tees, commemorative glasses) collected at college had to be brought back to Queens in a minivan and given space. For years I've been slowly, very slowly at times, selling and donating things, and now I have all the more reason to pick up the pace. Currently, the focus is on shoes, some 10+ years old and never worn. It's easy to want to feel bad about this type of waste but I've chosen to find the act of clearing space calming. For something else, for peace of mind. 

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