Market day, project roll

Going to vend at Hester Street Fair this weekend on Sunday. Very excited to get back out there, and I'm gathering a few new items to bring with me.

This fall is full of travel, but I'm planning to make those flight hours productive as I ramp up to bring back Project Fewer Projects (subtitled Starting Finishing Things). Here are just a few that I'm working on currently:

Fabric scarves with hand finished edges: 2 in the palest mint green silk and 3 in a gauzy light gray wool. 

Bar cart table for the apartment; an IKEA hack using a wooden baby changing table. 

Pocket squares for weeks. 

A painting for the new place. 

Knitting of course. 

Wall hangings maybe. I purchased some wooden dowels to fashion photobooth props with for Morg's bachelorette but didn't use them since I ending up going with three dimensional props instead! Not even sure how to do this project but I figure weaving is akin to knitting and I can pick it up without too much fuss. 

Now that I've made this list, I realize that these projects aren't very portable. Knitting maybe, but does the TSA consider knitting needles hazardous? 

To market!

* I'd like to take this opportunity to mention that I let the entire summer go by without having worn any of my three pairs of white jeans. Tempus fugit. 

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