Sunday thoughts

Early September

This means football at its most hopeful, still-warm afternoons, and acorns everywhere. My mom and I enjoyed a beautiful and breezy Sunday at the Hester Street Fair. A pet event brought many puppies, a cat, and two chickens to Seward Park. As you can imagine, New Yorkers went nuts for the two hens, Beyonce and Lady Gaga. Mom took many pictures of them.

The booth made a modest profit, I finished a pocket square, and we were entertained by the animals prancing around the place. A day of small successes that I'm happy to have.

Game Face

Work has been challenging lately, and I'm steeling myself to handle my business come Monday. I've already picked out my outfits for the whole week just so I have one less thing to think about. Add a fresh, shiny navy manicure and a few minutes' worth of makeup; I'll consider my game face on. Feeling ready is just as important as being ready. 

Sage Green

This color has been catching my eye of late. Dresses, decor pictures, and the background of the watercolor below. A soothing and quiet color that feels so appropriate for fall. 

watercolor venus fly traps by Lyndie Dourthe

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