A long term project

I'm seeing more of, and subscribing to, the notion of a simpler material life. The idea of turning away from excessive consumerism and embracing DIY is currently a hallmark of hipster culture, something ridiculed and celebrated simultaneously, but one I think will come to define my generation and which was borne of the lasting burdens we bear as a direct result of the costly and toxic choices made by those older than us.

Leading a "simpler" life isn't all that simple to implement, but there are both small and sweeping steps I am taking now. Even as I plan for my future retirement I'm thinking about reducing the work my loved ones will have to do after I pass. Late in my life I will de-accumulate my stuff with the goal of sparing my family from the painful endeavor of sorting through, dividing, and tossing all of the things that didn't matter. 

The longest running, though seemingly trivial, active project I'm engaged in is taking a long, hard look at my closet. These belongings take up the most space in my life. Cleaning it out happens slowly and in piecemeal sessions. I'm sticking to it.

Something small I'm doing already is related to my bath and beauty products. I'm using them up one by one to the very last drop and won't replace an item until I finish every one of its kind. At some point, I'll restock thoughtfully with an emphasis on multitasking products and natural ingredients.

Something lasting that Kevin and I have started doing is making homemade ice cream. I said my first granola parent thing when I suggested that our children only eat ice cream that the family has made. 

I think more than anything this lifestyle is about making things with your own two hands, understanding and appreciating the process and the parts, and in doing so slowing down, rejecting instant gratification for a richer satisfaction.  

Below, some zen inspiring photos from Pinterest. 

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