Leather Sandals

In warm weather I love to wear my super comfy FitFlops, but they are about as unfashionable as sandals get. I wear them around the house, on my work commute, and to the grocery store - fine, right?

Fine, but for any occasion that is more elevated than those mentioned above, simple flat sandals are a must. In summer I wear them so often I've gone through multiple pairs. Once I broke a pair while walking around the cobblestone streets of the South St. Seaport in the rain, and had to hobble into J.Crew (sadly, now closed due to Hurricane Sandy) for a new pair.

Sometimes when I buy high heels that aren't work appropriate (read: anything other than black close toed pumps), I feel guilty about the possibility that they'll sit in my closet, forever under-used. Not so with these shoes. They go absolutely everywhere.

Sable Sandals by Joie $125 from Piperlime

Malta Sandals by J.Crew $78

Leather Flat Sandals by Zara $36

Asymmetrical Slides by Zara $36

Slingback Sightseer Sandal by Madewell $60

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