I’m experiencing a personal Pintrest renaissance. While a great repository for blogger friendly images, I’d always found it overwhelming. Browsing Pintrest didn’t make me feel happy, you know? It seemed to me the epitome of being oversaturated by media, and made me feel inundated, confused, and unproductive. The longer I browsed, the greater the effects.

While I still feel this way about accessing Pintrest through a computer web browser, the iPhone app has been getting more and more use of late. It’s easy and manageable because the images don’t just keep loading… forever.  It takes just a couple of minutes to check while on my morning commute (thank goodness for elevated subways in Queens!) and slowly slowly slowly, my boards have come back to life. A couple of catchall boards that I have are “Happy” for anything that makes me feel happy, and “Mood Board” for anything that evokes something but not sure what. They are the most telling for what inspires me and what I’m drawn to visually.

Finally, I get it. When you’re active on Pintrest, you find things that are beautiful, you “collect” them, and later on when you need something uplifting, there they all are.

From looking back at my boards, I’ve learned a few things about myself:

I love clothing that is minimal, neutral, and sharp; I love clothing that is colorful, patterned, and draped. And nothing in between.
Inspirational quotes don’t inspire me.
I really like white for the home and for summer days.

and confirmed a few others:

I’m always looking for a beach.
Flamingos? Love ‘em. Pineapples? LOOOOOVE ‘EM!
I like to make things, and I love to knit.

Below, some gathered things.

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