Get busy

With the start of spring my calendar management impulse have awakened, and I've started to look to pack the weekends full of things. On Saturday, Kev and I went to Red Hook, to dinner and afterward to that IKEA at last, where I picked up the RENS sheepskin I've been wanting for a few weeks. I've signed my family up for a few days of attendance at the LIC Flea & Food market, and the first day is this weekend. Tomorrow, I'll book a flight to Buffalo in June to visit Morg in her new home. Another trip we've known about for some time is the drive up to Rochester to pick Annie up from school, and I booked the hotel room for us 3 schleppers to stay in the night before.

Even though this winter was really long and cold, I think something in me has changed. I think I've finally recovered from the deep and frightful feelings of stagnation and boredom during those months that I somehow learned upstate despite my overall fondness of Rochester. Here, at home, the winter is so damn cold but there is a thrill in the wind when you walk, and perhaps what changed was that I survived a winter living on my own. It wasn't so bad, this time last year, and there was a lot of tea and honey.

and this year there were a lot of blankets

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