Sunday thoughts

Football is in its third week, and in baseball, Andy Pettite has made his last home start of his career on Mariano Rivera day. Sports abound and tonight there are the Emmy's. So much reflection and so much to celebrate. 

I was afraid I wouldn't have a mind to enjoy the season because I won't feel settled until after Morg's wedding weekend. Today we foraged the next to last bounties of cherry tomatoes from Kev's back yard and played with the pup in the sun. The grass was cool and damp, unlike the summer, but the chill was not unwelcome. 

There are things I can do though, and I've made those plans. Cat and I will do some pumpkin painting, and Kev and I will kick our apartment search into the next gear. The autumn months can be full and still I can enjoy them, and after last year I don't fear this winter's cold. 

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