Small travels and small lessons

Morg's Atlantic City Bachelorette Party at the beginning of the month was so much fun to experience after all the planning and the crafting. She had a great time and I am so happy I was able to plan it for her and so happy that it was a success. This fall is all about her wedding, my friend who I've experienced so much awesome with, whose stories don't come out without laughter and tears together. 

I went back to NJ shortly after that weekend for one of Kev's cousins' wedding and will be there again this Saturday to bulk buy alpaca yarn for my mom's fall projects. Almost too much Jersey for me but it's kind of nice that I am visiting NY's oft maligned neighbor and enjoying it each time. It isn't very far away, I guess. 

Going away and coming back sharpens your sense of home, and now that I'm looking for a new home I appreciate so much more the fact that I feel like I belong to someplace. 

After going upstate this past weekend I stayed with my parents in Queens for two nights in a row, and almost missed living at home. I expect I will have to do it again between the end of my current lease and the closing on a new place, but have felt pangs of sadness that I didn't spend more real time there while I was there full time. I also felt a certain something this morning, crossing the street to work and seeing the Stuyvesant students around me. I can't believe my baby sister even reached high school age, let alone is in her freshman year at college. 

I think this is how people experience fall. 

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