I'm back at the office, and keep referring to Christmas as if it happened over a weekend and today is Monday. This is an all right confusion, it will make Friday a happy surprise. It's extra cold today, I'm even wearing a hat. The building's heating system is very old. The radiator is right in front of my desk, along the windowed wall, and covered by painted filigree metal and rattles loudly in the afternoon. It is uncontrollable, and so very hot. My coworker and I have to alternately open the window to let the freeze in and close it to warm up. This is how people get sick.

The peace of a slow work day is so new to me in my work life. I have on my desk a cup of tea, a cup of coffee, and a bottle of water. I am wearing a fairisle sweater and a navy pinstripe pencil skirt. This scene is both a mash-up and the complete opposite of both the banking and the fashion jobs.

Productivity shall not be put on the back burner, however. I've made today's to-do list, and am thus far ahead of myself. I'm sure all the hydration is good for the mind.

Below, a pretty bauble.

image from littleplastichorses

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