Afternoon brainstorm

On today's calendar I blocked off 15 minutes to do a late lunch brainstorming session on new and different things I can do on New Year's Eve. I hate the idea that spending this night in NYC means that one is almost obligated to do the party thing, go out and have fun whether you like it or not. My first thought was to climb a tree and drink champagne in it. Settle into its boughs with blankets and flashlights and listen to the streets of Queens. This idea was foiled by logistics and a 25 degree weather forecast.

I thought next of filling a room with balloons, placing a few lights around an otherwise dark space and running around in them, writing wishes in Sharpie and opening the windows at midnight and watching them leave.

Perhaps a petting zoo, a secret garden, a broken pier like the one in Staniel Cay. So many ideas for so many other days and nights, but not this night, not under this weighty decree to live it the fuck up but make sure you watch the clock.

In truth, all we need is champagne.

I'll wear something ridiculous. Something will break. It will be fine.

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