The good news

Just past halfway through January, which means we're a bit closer to spring. The sun is rising a little earlier, do you see it? Once warmth arrives it'll do me much good, as it will for all north-easterners. Only I will miss my scarves.

The next long weekend I have will be in the end of February. I'll be twenty-four, and the lunar year of my zodiac sign will have begun, which in my culture calls for some ancient protection borne of the earth in the form of a jade necklace. February, always too short.

year of the rabbit
watercolor by kelly mckernan

The good news about spring is that I've marked the first Friday of each month in my planner through summer for payments toward my student loans - and the passage of time in pages seemed easy. By July I'll be 500 dollars less in debt, and other things.

Update 9:25pm

February's Martha Stewart Living has arrived, and I've dusted off my scanner. Below, carnation cones as gifts. Hear that? It's me squealing.

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