This T Magazine article was a good read - funny to think of men in garters. Ooh la la.

“My head guy down at the Patterson House in Nashville, Josh Habiger, said the only thing worse than wearing shirt garters is not wearing them, and I feel that sums the situation up perfectly. They are fussy and annoying. They detach and leak out your pant leg at the most inopportune time. If ratcheted too tight, you feel like a dandy Pinocchio, slightly drunk and walking on the moon. Worst of all, they get you singled out in security lines at the airport. To this day there hasn’t been a T.S.A. employee who hasn’t raised an eyebrow when I explain about the shirt garters, ‘No, really, the armed forces wear them to look shipshape, and they keep your socks up while at the same time keeping your shirt from pooching below your vest.’ Maybe if I quit using the word ‘pooch.’ And ‘shipshape.’ ”

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