Progress report

On not shopping: I'm doing better than expected. I approach urges the same way that smokers approach theirs - holding off for 5 or 6 minutes, then returning to my virtual cart to reassess whether I truly want that striped silk top. I find that while I do want it, would like to have it, and like the price, I don't want it badly enough to pull the trigger.

I read a piece somewhere about people who lead a minimalist lifestyle, living in uni-level, single room homes in the woods and whitting down their belongs until they are down to 100. It struck me as a fantastic feat. Think of your silverware, your flatware, the numbers. The person in the story had one plate, one bowl, one fork, one spoon, and a pair of knives. Unimagineable. Amazing.

If I only had 100 belongings, an unproportional percentage would be represented by my shoes.

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