It's Never Too Early

If Starbucks has rolled out their Holiday cups and my J. Crew has put out our paper icicles and fake snow, then tis the season. Nevermind that we've yet to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Considering that I made my first monthly payment on my student loans, this Christmas will be a frugal one. Although it sounds stressful, I think shopping smarter and more efficiently will inevitably produce more thoughtful, better edited gifts.

Anthropologie has also come out with their ever lovable holiday ornaments. So cute they'll charm thirty bucks out of you like nothing. It'll take much of my practiced restraint to wait until the end of the season to buy them, but I'm nursing a vision of amassing a small trunk-full over the years, and that trunk had better not be filled with $25+ tree ornaments, especially if I'm planning on paying off my student loans in oh, 15 years.

Here are some of my favorites, I'm hoping they'll still be around on Dec. 26th:

from top left:
ombre antlers
little ella
pirate ship, gold
fairy slippers, crimson
cuckoo clock

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