The January List

One. Hang with my sister before she goes back to college for her very last semester (!) before graduation. Bake together for my upcoming bridal shower.

Two. Knit a sweater. This one has been elusive over the years. In 2016 I finally knit not one but three women's tops but they were all tanks. I want to make a sweater sweater, and I'm on my way with the help of a vintage pattern I found on Etsy.

Unlimited chunky knits in my future?
image from Style Report Mag
Three. Read Marie Kondo's book and see what the heck all of this fuss is about.

Four. Write a first draft of my Holiday 2017 list (yes, really! While it's fresh in my mind!)

Five. Make my beauty resolutions for the year.

Six. Pick up some of these habits while trying to accept that I am just not a morning person. 

Seven. Start learning how to make paper flowers. Assess whether they're a feasible addition to our wedding decor. 

Eight. Find a bridal gown tailor. 

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