My Beauty Resolutions

At this point in my life, as I'm about to leave my 20's behind, I feel really good about my beauty routine. I know I am taking care of my skin and feel confident when I apply makeup. I want to pat myself on the back a bit, for all of the magazines I've read since I was little and all of those hours Cat and I used to spend in our neighborhood drugstores looking at all of the new hair, skin, and makeup products. Below, some resolutions for this year to improve and simplify.

Here are the results I'm proud of so far:

  • I regularly replace my mascara to minimize risk of bacteria growth in the tubes
My current royal blue mascara
  • I'm great at taking my makeup off at night no matter how tired I am. It's just better to not have to deal with it in the morning. This is part of my "do your future self a favor" thinking
  • I don't overdo my makeup. Because of Kevin, I've come to notice more and more how easy it is for women to have just a tad or even a TON more makeup than necessary. It's become so important to me that I'd say my "signature" look is fresh-faced
  • My nails are fairly consistently painted. Not all the time, but enough. Plus, I can do them perfectly myself, which is the real accomplishment here
  • I make attempts at regularly using facial masks
  • I learned liquid liner about two years ago! I can do it without freaking out now! 
  • I'm not shy about red lipstick
  • Here's the best one: I PROTECT MY SKIN FROM SUN 365 days a year
My current day-time lotion with SPF 15
  • I moisturize like crazy - after the shower, day and night, even using sweet almond oil to remove my eye makeup

Here are some resolutions for this year and beyond:

  • Wear my makeup and experiment within my collection
  • But first, toss items I know will not use
  • I'd like to integrate more anti-aging practices into my routine. Currently, I use a CeraVe retinoid at night time only
This guy needs a friend or two
  • Take care of my hands. I was born with tiny grandma hands (Kev likes to call them gremlin hands). Even at my pottery studio I notice my hands drying out clay as I work with it during hand building. This is not okay
Got one of these for $8 at & Other Stories. I've been loving how they come in metal tubes, but during the current end-of-season sale I also added a pump bottle to my work desk

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