Sunday thoughts: A Brooklyn Birthday

We went to a birthday yesterday afternoon at Three's Brewing in Brooklyn. This is one was marked by a clutch of kiddos running around. Adorable and dirty is what 30 will look like it seems. 

It's May and the first few months of 29 have been great if exhausting (which is the norm in this city, no?). Pottery, projects, soups, and Kev recently accepted a new job. We're even looking into going away somewhere later this month before he starts. 

Sometimes on Sundays I get down about work, a feeling that I've felt at plenty of jobs but that isn't a part of my rosy memories of when I worked for the City. Sometimes I wonder what I'm really doing, sitting at a desk all day writing emails and taking conference calls. This is the kind of feeling that you have to deal with a little at a time, I think. You organize yourself and then you get behind. 

Until Sunday nights are easier, I love all of what my non-work hours are filled with:

Kev's killer tuna sandwiches

Three's Brewing

The garden at Three's Brewing

Fries with garlic sauce

We stopped by Ample Hills in between pitchers

One thing that Kev and I will never agree on is bananas. I love them. This ice cream was good.

Heading home (around 9pm) back to the little guy Hux

I took this picture while stopped at a red light on Atlantic Avenue. This is the Brooklyn of my childhood. I love how lively the barbershop is even late at night with none of the other stores around it open. 

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