A sudden trip!

So my list of things to do in May has been turned on its head due to a spontaneous trip to Lisbon. Replace half of it with “research Lisbon” and that will be my life over the next two weeks. 
We use google my maps to mark places during our research: restaurants, bars, shops, sights. It was so helpful in Prague and Charleston and we have a group one underway for the September Euro trip. Our Lisbon one is already pretty great for having just been created last weekend. 
I also love to see personal travel stories to take a peek into others' experiences. I search Bloglovin', which I use daily anyway, and also save down any posts I see on my feed for future plans. Google “ travel diary” and you'll likely turn up lots of bloggers' posts. I plan to add to that cache upon completing our trip. :) 
For Lisbon, I've used Pinterest as research tool too. For a long time Pinterest was overwhelming to me. I felt like you can just scroll the life out of yourself and day slips away if you're not careful. Over time I've gotten less apprehensive and now it's a wonderful resource for quick visual research and inspiration. 
Below are some Lisbon inspiration photos we've come across that make me so so excited to trek over to Newark and board that plane in a couple of weeks.

photos from Katie Mitchell Photography

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