Things to do in September, part 1

Things done:

  • A delicious dinner at Kyo Ya in the East Village in its semi-private room where I ate barefoot.
  • A loaf of homemade carrot walnut bread. It didn't turn out so well; the bottom stuck and the bread tore into a sad looking lump when I dumped it out onto the cooling rack. Next time, more oil in the pan I guess. 
  • A few more pairs of booties on the Etsy shop, long abandoned. I feel as though I finally have a little more time for it and it makes me glad. Just in time for fall/winter.

Things in store:

  • Wedding planning - we have walk-throughs coming up at both the NY Botanical Garden in the Bronx and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. I'm setting something up with the Bronx Zoo also which will be an interesting one.
  • Yankee's game - taking advantage of September baseball and fall weather with a game against the Blue Jays.
  • Apartment stuff - our main Labor Day weekend win was purchasing a new set of roller shades for our bedroom. It was about time. From the previous owner, the room had tan canvas Roman shades which are nice except one has a huge stain on it. Then, a few months ago I accidentally ripped one side out of its casing when trying to open them up and now that end is secured with a piece of yarn. 

Things to do:

  • Pack lunch EVERY DAY! This will be very challenging but we've got a wedding to plan! 
  • Start on our dining table with Kev's dad. A huge but fun project that we've been putting off for various and no particular reasons. 
  • Test the effectiveness of my homemade face scrub (brown sugar, avocado oil, tea tree oil) with 2x a week applications.

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