Sunday thoughts

Another busy weekend in the books. 

We went to the New York Botanical Garden to see the Stone Mill... And we think it's where we'll be getting married! Funny how I've lived here for so long and Saturday was my first visit there. I guess as a kid the Bronx Zoo across the street is a little more desirable. 

It was beautiful and huge! We walked and rode the tram and by that evening I was passed out on the couch. It didn't help that immediately after getting home from our walkthrough and visit I went to go see the Richmond Hill Block Association fair that my parents were vending at. 

I'd helped them secure a spot and stressed about their being there without my help so I rushed over for the last hour and a half to hang with them. They'd made decent sales and I was really proud of them for having learned how to use the Square swiper. Rain threatened all day Saturday and luckily held off until just after we'd packed the car up. Unfortunately that meant that I got soaked running back to where I'd parked. 

Exhausting, but lovely. Some pictures below:

Dinner that night was made in our new Dutch oven. My parents' landlord grows vegetables in his crazy looking garden and he gave us a long calabash gourd and two luffa gourds which are quite the culinary challenge for me. I used the calabash in a stew with tomatoes, peas, and spicy sausage with onion and shallots. So excited cook more with it!

Today we went to the farmers market again with Mads (AKA Market Mads) and noticed that pumpkins and butternut squash were for sale!!! Football is back too. I guess it's really fall. 

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