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Wedding planning. It's happening.

Thank goodness my fiancé is a planner. He is a natural project manager and let me tell you he has such an internal sense of urgency that it's difficult to not feel like a slacker around him.

We're going to Roberta's on Saturday to check out their garden space, iron out some questions, and cap it all with a meal. Really wondering how it'll feel when we're there, for perhaps the fiftieth time and our hundredth pizza, this time envisioning where our ceremony will be held, which way the tables will face, where the DJ will set up, how the guests might like the Bee Sting pie.

Such exciting steps we're taking. I ordered my wedding ring recently - it'll be made for me and arrive in 4-6 weeks. We stopped by Catbird to see one in person and it was exactly as I'd hoped: dainty, simple, clean, with just enough sparkle.

this beauty in white gold

The things I love about this process I already can tell I'm going to miss. You get a little blue after the big day apparently and I can see why. There's such a sense of possibility and accomplishment when you're deciding on these details that every little thing is a thrill: oh we picked out stamps? AMAZING.

It's done wonders for my budgeting too. I'm trying to save aggressively so that we may fund the wedding mostly ourselves. Sometimes I want to buy things and I don't because I'd rather have a few more stems of flowers next fall than new clothing today. Is that ridiculous? Everything is relative - I saved by going with white gold for my wedding ring enough money to fund a 2nd photographer. These trade offs are concrete and so the choices are easier to make.

I'll share more of our planning process as we move forward. I know I'll want to remember many, if perhaps not all, bits of it. ;)

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