4th of July Weekend

On Saturday Kev and I had brunch at Maison Premiere, in the garden, where I couldn't help but notice a couple on a date. The man was a bit older and mostly I could only hear his voice in coming from their table. When the woman got up to use the restroom he ordered her another drink, picking one of their fancy cocktails out for her. "A deal breaker," I said to Kev right away. If it was me on that date, it wouldn't be going well.

We got an array of oysters, their speciality, before digging into a few shared plates. Afterward we walked around and dropped by Brooklyn Cheese Shop for some cure meats before heading home. We went back to the Brooklyn rooftop where we spent the last Independence Day and stood out there in the wind for hours (my legs are sore today).

Today was spent at Kev's parents' house, where they hosted a family get together. I baked a blueberry galette that was featured on the cover of this month's Bon Appetit and it turned out very well - summery, warm, crisp, and not too sweet. 

So wonderful to wind down this weekend. We got a lot done, including laundry and painting the brackets for our floating desk, and yet work didn't really invade the days. We cooked tonight. I took back the weekend.

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