Year round ice cream

We've been making our own ice creams and sorbets fairly regularly ever since we got our quart-sized Cuisinart ice cream maker last year. We use Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams' cookbook and have tried several of her recipes. In fact, there are currently two flavors in our freezer: toasted pistachio and roasted strawberries & buttermilk. 

roasted strawberries & buttermilk
It's the perfect weekend project; each action step is easy and mostly you're just waiting around. We're not HUGE ice cream eaters but it's amazing to be able to reach for something that you made yourself in which you can name every single ingredient. I can already see us making ice cream with our kids and sharing this sweet little activity that bears sweet fruit. Somewhere in this there is a lesson in effort, patience, and savoring simple pleasures. Plus, it's nice to be able to offer it to visiting friends. 

As warm weather settles in and brings summer produce, I'm looking forward to trying and creating new flavors. There's a pineapple and cayenne sorbet I'm itching to try and watermelon lemonade sorbet that we'd tweaked to perfection last summer to make again. I'm looking forward to branching out a bit too - stewing fruit into quick jams to fold in, steeping teas or spices, incorporating some Chinese flavors with green and red beans, lychee, and lotus seeds. 

A few of the flavors we've made are below: 

black plum stracciatella

watermelon lemonade sorbet

beet & poppy seed

cranberry & grapefruit sorbet

olive oil & pumpkin seeds

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