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This year I've changed so much about the way I handle my personal finances and I am so much better for it. One part of this has been implementing the 5 piece wardrobe plan (5 new items every quarter). It's allowed me to purchase a few amazing things guilt-free. Alas, with end of summer sales (J.Crew's in particular), I've filled my quota for the July - September quarter.

I stressed a bit at first about keeping the purse string tightened until October, but upon reflection felt liberated. I won't stalk new collections and new discounts for an entire month. This means that time can be used for something else. Taking care of the co-op application process comes to mind in the real-life category. So does helping out around my parent's place. Catching up on the New Yorker too.

In the fun category I've placed a few things also:

Make Roasted Apricot Stracciatella ice cream (based on Jeni's!) with the late summer harvest. 

Have Friday lunch hours with Kev at these places in TriBeCa. I work in the area, and we've been to 3/5 of these restaurants, but hey seconds are just as good.

Learn some new things

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