Sunscreen season

I ordered a new sunscreen and I am so excited!!!

Sun Bum SPF 50 in a quirky wood grain bottle. This means my limbs are coming out to play! Hellooooo summer!

On that note:

Sun protection - It's important. Everyone says so and I've been listening for a long time. I can be neurotic about it. In Montauk I insist that Kev put sunblock on before heading down to the beach for the day, and would chase him with it if I had to. He knows this, and subjects himself to my dousing him with generous applications of Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Sunblock Spray.

I use Cerave AM face lotion with SPF 30 every day and lotion sunblock when out and about to account to incidental exposure. I like lotion formulas because they don't have that 90's throwback classic scent (when I say 90's I am referring only to my own early scent memories) and aren't goopy or sticky. 

I mixed things up last year and bought a shimmery one made by Hawaiian Tropic, a brand whose scent I love. Every time I apply it I think of Jennifer Lopez when she was J.Lo and the term "bling-bling" before it dropped it's second "-bling." I like it a lot, I'd buy it again, but truly it belongs on vacation and not so much in the everyday. Also it leaves my hands gilded. (Good? Bad? Both.)

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