Packing for a weekend

I'd gotten so great at packing early too.

This weekend trip to Buffalo to see Lily and Morg as stumped me for some reason. I leave tonight and I'll pack today. Also, I'm excited to learn that our friend Leigh is going to drive from Rochester to hang out on Saturday.


So we'll be going to dinner and then bars right after my arrival. Saturday we'll walk around the town, have brunch, take pictures, etc. Saturday night we'll go out and Sunday morning I'll be flying back home. This means I'll need 2 day outfits and 2 night outfits aside from my sleep clothes.

I like to plan every single outfit for each day/night/misc. occasion when I travel. This way, I can figure out when to repeat things on longer trips. On shorter trips it helps me to not pack too much. At the last minute, I like to throw in one wild or special thing to try to get some use out of. Usually this means one of my three rompers which for some reason I find "alternative."

I'm not sure why, but rompers are my jam.

Multitasking and miniatures are key, and I've recently gotten a few little half-ounce jars for this exact reason. As with my clothing I like to bring colors that I don't wear everyday. Usually this means a bright lipstick.

These are the most troublesome of all. Weird shapes, hard, pointy, awkward. For this trip I'll try to keep it to 2 pairs: comfy and dressy.

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