Easy eyes

I have the dilemma of a love for makeup but a preference for a low maintenance beauty routine. Added to it, I am always scurrying between the boroughs throughout the week and so carry my makeup bag with me during the day. Few products make the cut as I am loathe to allow my bag to get too heavy. Here is my easy eye routine.

1. MAC cosmetics eye shadow in Mulled Cider. This neutral matte brown belonged to a limited edition collection. I picked it up because of its name and it has become my go-to for a simple and polished look. Layered for evening and it makes for a mean smokey eye too. I hesitated to use it up until I did my research and determined that MAC Soba and MAC Soft Brown are both suitable replacements. I'm a sucker for a well named color, and will likely try Soba next.

2. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Royal Blue. I started wearing this many years ago because I was drawn to the subtlety of the color. You can't tell that it's blue unless you are really up close and there is natural light, so this is perfect for work. Once in a while I like to branch out and try a new mascara, but after Kev commented "your eyelashes look so glum" on my last experiment, I realized that anything heavier than this light as a feather formula is too harsh for me. An Amazon subscription followed, and this is it for me.

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