coffee shop in Greenpoint that also sells plants, chocolates, and candles!

In artsy corners of the city like LES and Greenpoint, I've noticed that when you walk the streets after dark you can really see the prevalence of little 10'x10' shops filled with tiny treasures, baked goods, coffee, etc. I often think about how wonderful it would be to own a little shop of my own and be my own boss. When people ask me what it is I really want to do, I think it may be that. It would be nerve wracking, of course, to sit behind a counter and wait and wait for someone to come into your little nook in the world. It is already difficult for me when too many weeks go by without an Etsy transaction. 

A large part of this dream has to do with the ability to create a space according to my vision. It would be amazing to have that type of creative control over interior design and decoration. I am growing ever less patient with the apartment search, and can't help but to think of things I want to incorporate, such as a rope swing and white walls even though it's all really only mental exercise until I know exactly what I'm working with. 

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