"Are overalls trying to make a comeback?"

Somewhere a few years back, 2010 perhaps, Kev started to pay attention to style. Men's at first, and then slowly I found that he actually had responses to the comments about women's clothing that I'd pepper our days with, and soon after I was hearing his opinions and observations unprompted. It must have started because of my tenure as a J.Crew sales associate, when he was at the smiling end of windfalls of sale and discounted clothing.

He began to notice fit, fabric, details he liked and those he didn't. Details. One night in the car before dinner he noted that he really liked the flowiness of a woman's skirt as she crossed the street. It was a high-low skirt done right, in silk of the perfect weight, and this was at the beginning of that trend, before the sheer polyester versions were disseminated.

I bought him a J.Crew Ludlow suit, he got it tailored, it looked amazing, and that was that - I'm dating a man of style.

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