The calendar has been stacked full of fun nights, doctors appointments, work things, life things. I wonder whether lately I have been truly busy or just more aware of it. I have the vague feeling I've double booked two important things for the weekend of the 23rd but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Mere and I signed a lease last week for a 4 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. There is roof access, a nice kitchen, windows in all of the rooms, and a body shop as a neighbor. I'll say it again: summer come back.

Lily visited the weekend of my birthday, and I spent a snowy night drinking out of flaming fish bowls at Zombie Hut in Cobble Hill with friends and boyfriends.

Super Bowl Sunday was a loss for Dennis, the only one among us who had any stake in the game, but we got Bon Chon chicken so I hope that eased the loss for him.

Kev and I went to Ichimura at Brushstroke this past Saturday and I left the restaurant in a wonderful wonderful mood. There was nothing showy about the meal, nothing that demands your attention or presents you with a puzzle - the meal worked in that it asked so little of you. And it was deeply soul satisfying. I'm glad we didn't let a little blizzard stop us from getting to our seats.

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