When the cold came I'd just returned from a ski trip, so it didn't feel different except that it was strange that the city was colder than the mountain. There have been a few bitterly cold week nights on which I went to go view apartments, but no complaints because there is something to be said about living up to promises, and New York didn't get to grumble about snowfall last year, and let there be winter.

In a few days I turn 26, and Lily is going to visit from Boston to celebrate with me. I hope to also celebrate a new address next month. May there be many things to toast.

Sunday, yesterday. Madison loves it outside in the yard so much she doesn't know when to go inside. She cakes herself in snow and comes in dirty and shivering, and you want to hold her to warm her up but the independent girl just wants her space. Love her madly. 

This morning, the view from my work window. My coworker and I were enjoying the heavy AM snowfall, and each noted the grime coating our window. I pressed my phone against the glass so the lens wouldn't focus on the film of dirt.

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